How much!?

Today I decided I couldn’t handle another day of just living off stale bread, jam  and spaghetti so I decided to take my funds to the local fruit and veg store, for some as you may of guessed fruit and veg. I tried to be careful with my selections and bought 4 bananas for energy and to fill me up and  3 clementines for some freshness and flavour. I then bought an onion and a pepper to make my evening meal more exciting to add to this o bought 3 mushrooms.  I’m not usually one who would eat mushrooms by choice,  as I never liked them growing up and if I eat them now they have to be finally diced!! But with my lack of funds and need for texture I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! I went to the till feeling fairly confident that I had kept to my £2, but it seems I bought one banana to many as the grand total hit 2.47!! Leaving me 53p to buy the final bits for my last supper tomorrow!
When cooking my dinner I decided to leave my onion for tomorrow and just use half a pepper, one mushroom and the rest of my kidney beans and passata.


Although doesn’t look much different from my meal the past two days,  there is a bit more texture in it, and it was noticeable when eating. 
Despite having 2 slices of jam on  toast a clementine and a banana throughout the day and my dinner,  I could still feel my belly hankering for food so I decided to have a pudding,  but not my last chocolate mouse. I wanted something more interesting so I decided to grill one of my bananas so it was warm and add some Strawberry jam. The process and the outcome went this way. 



Must admit it didn’t look very appetising however once i placed it in the bowl it looked a  bit more appealing. 


I wouldn’t say no to having it again,  although with proper jam!

Now I’m faced with the dilemma of whether to go out tonight or not!  I’ve avoided it so far this week as I’m fearful of the temptation to fail and buy alcohol followed by cheesey chips! But I know I want to dance,  I’m bored of staying in so I think I’m going to face it head on! If I do go out I shall be walking and only goong to places that are free!  Wish me luck!

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