So as everyone keeps saying it’s now 2015, the self improvements are taking place and the sales are being soaked up by all those people desperate to grab themselves a bargain.

So far this year I’ve barely even left my room for feeling sorry for my poorly self. Severe case of man flu has hit. Lying around not doing anything in particular got me thinking about the start of last year, and how i set out to blog, well that lasted to about may, when i lost my phone and got lazy. Along with blogging i knew i set a list of things to achieve,

  1. Shave my legs. 
  2. Update my blog everyday or at least every week . (will fail by day 2!)
  3. Loose weight (the standard)
  4. Keep up to date with  uni 
  5. Keep to budget
  6. volunteer
  7. Learn a new language. (basic phrases at least)
  8. Complete Harry Potter books, films, game!
  9. Visit at least 3 new cities in Britain and at least 1 new country
  10. Become organised

What did i actually achieve, shaving my legs, i kind of volunteered as i did stewarding at Besitival. The rest has in part just been forgotten, managed to get to book four of Harry Potter, budget is something i’m still trying to get to grips with, as with being up to date with uni, one more term left i will get the hang of it. By the lack of achievements, it becomes rather obvious that becoming organised did not happen.

This year i know there are a few areas of self improvement that wouldn’t go amiss, especially as i seem to have spiraled out of control a bit this past few months, and have not been happy with the person i’m becoming. So in order to do this, i have decided that i need to cut down the drinking, i’m not saying i’m going to stop as that’s not realistic, however i need to limit the big nights to about 2 a month, this will not only help personally, but will help the bank balance. I’m also hoping a bit of time without having a hangover will cause for me to be more organised and up to date, as i’m not wasting time lying about consuming as many carbs i can within a few hours. Hello the limited drinking could even help the waistline.

As it’s my final year at uni, this year is also the year i need to start deciding what i’m going to do when i no longer have a student loan to depend on. I don’t want to see the year as a failure, i don’t want to look back on last year as a fail, i’m not thinking i’m now a new women because instead of 2014 it’s now 2015. No instead, i’m thinking of areas i would like to tweak because it’s come to my attention, and should be being done. The new year is an excuse to put the idea out there. So here goes:

Drink less

Really try to save for July!!!

Gain a focus for the future

Get toned.



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