Weir swimming.

It’s not a typo, I haven’t forgot the D! I didn’t do anything weird with my swimming, well too weird, my technique is not quite up there with the rest!!

I’m talking Warleigh Weir. Situated in Bath, just out of the town centre this secret green scape is the place to go when the suns beaming!! Perhaps not so much a secret as it once was, with more and more of us finding out and discovering this lil spot, it’s still a great destination that has a feeling of being a part of a members only.

Taking a stroll down a windy narrow road between the trees you gain a feeling of escapism from the hustle and bustle of the centre. It’s peaceful but for the sounds of the birds and us lot trundling down with towels, BBQs and flip-flops ready to soak up some sunshine.

When you get to bottom and cross the old turnstile, your in a massive field/ patch of grass. But one building is in site, the rest of the surroundings are green!! YES, GREEN!! Nature, the tress circulate around the area, creating the perfect sun trap, but leaving shady edges for those folk who aren’t as hungry for the sun!!

It seems as if the place has two section for swimmers, one seemingly a giant pool (lake), with steps leading to the water, the other side is the fun pool/infinity pool!! An on going waterfall around the edge creates the pool side. This side is not as easy to enter, requires sliding down the mud, and climbing right back out. However this side is the popular side. Everyone’s in here, children are playing walking along the edge, going down the pool slide(water fall) the bottom ready to climb back again, people are sitting around the edges enjoying the benefits of being by the cooling water under the suns rays.

I personally prefer the other side, as it was more peaceful, and you could have a swim, although I am not the best/strongest swimmer in the world. In the time it takes me to do a pool lap everyone else can do 5!!! It also feels more private, even though it’s all connected. I personally also prefer the ease of going down steps, and sliding into the water, and clambering to the rocks to walk back up the steps out, over sliding in mud, and struggling to hoist myself back up to the top after. That’s not to dispute that once I was in either side I was loving it!!

Absolutely loving it, especially after spending so long missing the ease of being able to walk to a beach and chill in the sea. Although it’s not quite there with being on a beach and hearing waves, i would choose this spot over a trip to Weston!! (I won’t go in the sea there!)

The place is filled with all sorts of people, you have the older school children playing grown ups, the families with the young ones, the students chilling about with a few tininess, the yoga enthusiasts, showing off their moves along with the jugglers and the flame throwers.

It’s a safe, fun environment and a place that people respect, although the pile of litter when we arrived, was more like being at a dump, at least it was in one place and not left on the green lands!!

I will be back here. I can’t recommend this secluded spot to people enough!!


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