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Keep Cool in the HEAT!

The heat this week has definitely been felt by everyone. On twitter all I see is people moaning that it’s too hot, guarantee as soon as it cools down they’ll be moaning again. I’m not disputing that it has been HOT, but there’s ways to deal with it.

  • Copious amounts of water, I think I’ve been hitting the daily target and then some recently so can’t be a bad thing!
  • Ice-cream/lollies, YES please, the perfect excuse to indulge in lots of ices and not have to explain or feel bad about the fact your on your 3rd and it’s still only mid afternoon!
  • More water- PADDLING POOL!!! (You don’t need to have a lil kiddie to own one) Perfect for when your sat in the garden to pop your toes in and feel an instant cool down. Plus they’re cheap, I had an inflatable one last year, £4 from Home Bargains. This year I could not be bothered with the pains of blowing it up without a pump so bought one of those instant pop out ones- £8 on offer in the entertainer, thank you! The double plus side, I can sit in this one!! Wooooo.
  • The obvious-shade, avoid the midday, hats ect. To be honest, i’m one of the few avoiding the shade!! I just love sunshine!
  • Get to the beach!! Yes if you live near the beach then get to it, don’t take it for granted. Whilst I’ve been sat in a pool of sweat in my garden (this is what prompted the new paddling pool) all I could think was how nice sea air would be. In a city it’s hard to find, however we are lucky to have a harbour-side, so that is definitely the place to be! Unless you have the time and the funds to get yourself to Weston!
  • Clothes- Ladies get them tights off, you have great legs, stop hiding them!! Walk to work in a good pair of flip flops, unless it’s far than keep to your trainers. Think loose fitting, light coloured blouses/shirts, and remember your deodorant!
  • Avoid buses! You’re seriously better off walking, the buses get stacked, sweaty, sticky, smelly and all you’re breathing is recycled stale sweaty air. The journey feels like it takes longer, because it’s simply not comfortable.
  • Water filters-In the FRIDGE!!!
  • Sleep like you’re abroad- Beds don’t come with duvets, just sheets maybe a thin blanket. Sheets are cooler and there’s still that comfort feeling of being in bed.
  • Enjoy the weather, you spend hundreds on a holiday to be in this heat, but it’s found you instead!


I can admit that all I really wanted to do was get myself in some sea, but i’m a bit of a snob coming from the nice Cornish beaches, Weston I love to sit on the sand away from the pier, but I just won’t go in the sea. Being brave I found myself on the way to Bath and found the Weir!! A must go place, sun spot but still has shade and a good amount of natures water to get over the sea deprivation!!- review will follow.


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