International day of Happiness!

A day most people are going to be pushing their happiness levels to be at the optimum, Monday blues pfffttttt. Then there are those that are going to be sat there cynically starring at their Twitter feed thinking, “happiness, Ive got nothing to be happy about, what a load of old tosh.”

Well i’m going to prove that we all have something to be happy about, I think it’s a day that should be enjoyed. Happiness is a great feeling and something that is taken for granted, so come on miseries it’s time to get HAPPY, as happy as this pint!!!

If you answer No to all of these statements, then i apologise perhaps today isn’t for you!!!

When you woke up this morning, did you look in the mirror and think, “dayum, I’m looking good today!”?

Did you have time for your morning coffee, croissant, chat with friends/family?

Was you on time for work, despite having an extra 5 minutes in bed?

Did you watch the new Keeping up with the Kardashians last night?

Have you, or do you intend do something for purpose (i.e work, cleaning) and something for pleasure, (i.e bake, watch a programme, enjoy some me time)?

It’s the start of Spring, which means baby animals, and colourful trees, isn’t that alone enough to be happy about?

Have you seen the bright yellow daffodils glowing through the rain drops?

Did you just have a great weekend with, St Patricks day, Rugby, Football, Roast dinners, Sunday strolls?


Happy international day of happiness, lets keep those happiness levels for the rest of the year!!



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