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Sleeping in a Windmill

It was a friends 21st last month, so his mum paid for them (family) and a few of us (his friends) to stay in an old windmill in Stoke Ferry, Norfolk! I went with minimum expectation, despite having seen images online, and was greeted with the wow factor!!

The first thing to spot when gettirng out of the car other than tge massive mill tower, was the large garden, leading to the back  door of the kitchen, which was massive, (the place caters for 16 people. Thankfully I wasn’t in the car that arrived first, so there was a log fire burning away warming the place and creating the cosy atmosphere.

Following on from the dining table, leads to one of 3 living rooms. This one has the character of part of the windmill features, and a piano, which satisfied my itchy fingers!! There’s 2 cosy sofas and plenty of board games to keep everyone entertained, we went for risk! First time i’ve ever played the game, yes it was fun, but my gosh is it a loooonnnnngggg game, then articulate, which we made our own rules for!

Attached onto this living room is another that contains a log burner and a large t.v to watch the selection of D.V.Ds on. (we we’re there 4 nights and used the t.v for one 1 film), then there’s the little living room with a little t.v to play the wii and the ps3!

From the little living room is the grand dining space, a massive table with a glass walkway above it, attaching the mill to the house!

There’s spindly stairs which take you up 6 floors, through the tower to an almighty view, (when the weathers clear!) 3 of the floors contain double bedrooms, as they’re in the tower the heating devices are like that of which are used outside, as central heating is a no no. However these heaters are more than enough, each room contains a double bed, clothes rail and a mirror. The novelties of staying in one of the rooms in the tower, is you definitely know your sating in a windmill, with the rounded brick walls surrounding you and the wooden beams and cogs above your head and the the opportunity to play the Waltons night scene! The downside, you can play at being the Waltons because the rooms are all open, so when someones in the room above they’re passing through your room! Best to keep your clothes on.

The glass walkway above the dining table leads to one large fancy bathroom, with standing shower, and a standalone bath tub, complete with candle chandelier to create that relaxing bathing atmosphere! Walking through the bathroom is another double bedroom, with a non-walled/doored walk in wardrobe style dressing area behind the bed! From the room there’s a hallways, which contains another nice bathroom a double bedroom, a room with bunk beds and a double bed and a room containing 3 single beds! There’s then a set of stairs which lead down to the kitchen.

When i first walked around, I thought, “shit, i’m going to get lost here!!” i didn’t, i survived!!

The kitchen contains plenty of wine glasses, which was good for us as we went through a LOT if wine over the few nights!! Enough crockery, and plenty of pots and pans to get cooking! There’s 2 fridges, ones a smeg (the alcohol fridge),the other part of a fridge freezer combo, (the cheese fridge). The oven is a fantastic gas hob oven with plenty of hobs for everyone to cook!!

In the back garden there’s a trampoline, a swimming pool (which we didn’t try out) and a games room filled with table tennis, a pool table and table football, along with various bats and balls to play in the garden.

The house was large enough and filled with enough activities to keep us entertained throughout our stay! The place is in a tiny village and there’s nothing seemingly near.

We tried walking to a pub twice, on an evening and and afternoon, 30 minutes on the side of an A road, for the pub to be shut!! Fair to say, we left not being fans of the George and the Dragon! The walk was nice though, better in the afternoon when it was sunny and we could see where we going! Had we of read the file in the house before we went, they do suggest a pub in the opposite direction, bit of a longer walk but sounded more promising!

We also took a drive to a seaside town and had chippy chips and a pint of course!

The mill is run by a family, who worked on doing the place, the work they’ve done is fantastic! They do offer a dining experience at £40 a head, whereby the father and his 2 sons come over, with a separate dining set and cook and serve a 3 course meal!! We opted for this, as it was a birthday trip after all and it was lovely, although my veg option was huge!!!

It was such a great place to stay with a group of people and just quite simply a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life! Thankyou The Old Mill!!


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