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Bath Christmas market!

So yesterday me and the girls decided it was time to get on the train and out of Bristol for the day. Where else would we go other than Bath!!

Having been to their Christmas market last year, i was very excited to get back and show my friends, who had never been to bath before, the city in full swing!!

The moment we started walking through the streets we we’re greeted by festive phone boxes of which instantly grabbed my friends attention and had them loving bath! 

The christmas market in Bath is a never ending maze of huts, taking on various streets, with independent local retailers selling their gifts. Last year i found my dad a keg of bath Christmas ale, this year an eel skin purse for my sister. They literally have everything, including plenty of varying tasters, from pies to chutneys to chilli alcohol!! What more could you ask for!!!

I find the Christmas market to be a great day out, and i say day, as you need a whole day to truly enjoy all it has to offer! Not only are their the various stalls, but the carol singers, the lights and the beautiful city lit up by fairy lights. 

After a hard days shopping in the cold its time to warm up with a mulled wine of course! Walking around there’s plenty of offerings of cheap mulled wine, however for us it wasn’t quite right, we wanted somewhere to sit! We did stumble across a pub selling it for £3.50, perfect, apart from the fact it was nearly empty. We took an extra few steps before settling, and there it was, in all its loggy glory, the “apres ski bar”. Yes the drinks are a bit steeply priced, but that’s the price you pay for the novelty. The place is well decked out and certainly feels cosy, with a great ambiance. Of course nothings perfect, and here its the bloody door constantly being opened, with people not knowing how to shut a door behind them. Brrrrrrrr. 

Bristols Christmas “german market” might be a dud, but thankyou Bath, for your non gimiky Christmas market!! Im finally feeling festive! 

Especially after a play in the snow globe! 


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