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“German Market”

So it’s December, I’ve started my advent calendar, I’ve put up my tree, yet I still don’t feel all that Christmassy!

I’m missing my Merry, in the form of glühwein, wooden benches and the oompah man!! Where is the beloved german market and who on earth are these people taking their place!!

The German Market in Bristol has become apart of the Christmas experience for many people, due to it’s friendly staff and great atmosphere that it brings to broadmead. Catering for all ages with the steins for the 18+, Santa opening up the daily advent calendar filled with presents for the children, smashing hot chocolates and german cuisine for everyone (although the foods not really catering to us veggies but I don’t care along as there’s glühwein and rum!)

Every year we’ve seen the market get bigger, and wander what’s going to come next, so the end of October arrives we’re all greatly anticipating the arrival of the market, for November to come around and be bitterly disappointed!!!

The first thing to capture my attention was the size, instead of getting bigger it has considerably down sized, no upstairs seating, no big central decor. Then there’s the toilet situation, you’re a bar, serving alcohol with no where for your customers to pee!! If that’s not encouraging street piss i don’t know what is. What’s happened to the nice clean christmassy smelling toilets??

Then there’s the drinks on offer, Brothers cider!! If someone can tell me what connections Brothers cider has with Germany and German markets then maybe i will be forgiving, not only that but the other dominant drink behind the bar is Jagermeister! Please, i just want to see German beer and Glühwein!!

The BIG noticeable difference is the oompah man!! Where is my man singing away at his keyboard, belting out all the old classics along with his interval tune, where the drinks get thrusted in the air!!!

Turns out, the reason it’s so different with so much missing including the 4pm Santa and the great festive atmosphere is because Destination Bristol decided to save some money, and go budget, by getting a London based company to bring the “German market” to Bristol. Was it worth saving that money? My opinion is no.

Talking to various people, it seems those that have tried it out have found it to be a sham, have sipped up one over priced beverage and sought after one of the many pubs in town instead. It’s also stopped people coming back to Bristol over the festive period, I’ve heard from people from neighbouring towns/cities, who has said they usually come over a few times during the run up to Christmas to sink down some steins, this year however once was enough!!

Not only has it affected how many people come into Bristol, but the lack of toilet facilities have put a lot of pressure on the hard working staff at The Galleries. With endless queues for their toilets, for drunken revellers, causing their actual customers to be affected, along with the staff running around keeping the toilets to standard!!

I was thinking, despite all this i’m willing to give it a go because i want to get my Christmas spirit, however having walked through Broadmead today, and seeing the main bar, looking cold and dreary it’s not somewhere i wish to spend my time and my money!!

My message to Destination Bristol, BRING BACK THE GERMAN MARKET, and don’t try fob us off again!!!!!


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