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Fantastic Beasts….

…And i mean Fantastic Beasts!

So last night i went to the cinema to go see the much anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. Being an avid Harry Potter fan, I was very intrigued and excited to see more magic back on the screens, and escape the muggle world for a couple of hours.

Obviously I went for the full immersive experience by seeing the film in 3D, which was without a doubt the way to watch it!

From the outset you know your in for a film filled with mischief, and the wizarding world interlacing with the muggle. The sign is the brief set to muggle worthy. Just seeing those words had me excited, especially as whatever was in that case was moving!!!

We’re then taken to a witch hunt rally, where the suitcase finally unlocks and there, running through, grabbing all the glitz and the glam is the first “beast!” (It was love at first site, i want him as my own!!!

More trouble beings to ensue when a muggle ends up with the wrong suitcase, and finds himself in possession of a large egg instead of his baked goods. Soon the muggle becomes aware of the wizarding world, and ends up learning about, whilst trying to find the magical beasts.

The hunt is not without danger, of course. This time round it’s not dementors we have to worry about but an orlsa!!! Definitely more intense and intimidating then a dementor!!

The film is filled with intense wand flaring scenes, that have you wishing you could pull out a wand and help! Along the way you get to meet many magical beasts, of which if your like me will wish were real. The film also caters for the old romantics, that just want to see love blossom on their screens. With all this going for it already they definitely grabbed that cherry from the bakers suitcase and plonked it on the top with some laugh along comedy moments.



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