bb tries

Pickle cake.

It was my housemates birthday this weekend, and thus it was party time, however her party was going down a rather bizarre but exciting theme..pickles!! 

She’s been busy the past few weeks pickling various veggies and creating pickle decorations, so naturally i felt i had to contribute the only way i know how, by baking a pickle cake!!
I looked online to find a pickle cake recipe but in true bb style i had left it last minute was working the days and therefore had to make do with what to had to hand. 

Friday morning i awoke at 5 am to get this cake baked before work and behind her back! I just made a simple sponge, but tried to add some green with food coloring. I baked it in a loaf tin so i could try cut it to shape after, however whilst watching it bake i feel i was a little too cautious with the green.  

 i used a couple of capfuls at a time, but i clearly wasn’t enough!! Doesn’t help i was short on time as i knew i had to get to work.  

Once i got home that evening i chopped off the sides and made green butter cream to decorate. I forked it on to gain some texture, an introduced more coloring as i applied. I even splattered some directly onto the buttercreamed cake and spread it about to give different gradients. Unfortunately the colour was a bit too limey for a pickle, however everyone at the party approved! 


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