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15 years and I can now say I’ve finished Harry Potter!!

Fact of the matter is I like many people became slightly obsessed with Harry Potter, perhaps not to to the excessiveness of some, but i was eager to get my hands on the books by going through the pre-order process gifting me with random Harry Potter merchandise and paper bags along the way. I loved everything about pulling them out the bag, checking how many pages i was going to have to get through this time and simply inhaling that new book smell. This is all well and good but by book 7, i had lost love for knowing how Harry was going to get rid of Voldermort, (I just wanted to watch The Hills and Hollyoaks) thus it has taken me 15 years to finish my Harry Potter journey!!

I can remember receiving my first Harry Potter book as a Birthday present when i was in year 4, which would make me about 8/9 years old.  Oddly enough it was the 3rd one, Azkaban, (which later became my favourite) being the age i was i can admit the words were a little much for me and I simply had no idea what was going on. My sister, who’s 5 years older than me, had heard of the this Harry fellow and new that i was starting nearly halfway through what was going to be a collective story. That was it, my birthday present was now going to cost my mother, i simply had to have the first 2, so I could truly immerse into this wizarding world i was being introduced to (and have a break from Jaqueline Wilson).

Once i had started the books from the beginning, i started to get excited about any free time i had, so i could read on, find out what would happen next. Then i heard they were making it into a film…..A FILM!!!! WAAAAAHHHH. Now this was exciting.

I remember the buzz around school, all of a sudden everyone was walking around the playground no longer scamming Pokemon cards from younger kids, nope, everyone had their head in a book 1 of 4 books, all titled Harry Potter.

I was slightly worried about the book being adapted to the screen, especially as i knew there were still more books to go and i had my image of what Hogwarts was like, what the characters looked like and i didn’t want my image to be bulldozed over by the big screen. As strongly as i felt about this, i still had to see the film when it was released, I had to be a part of it. The day i went to the local cinema, I left with a smile on my face it had been captured beautifully, the essence of Hogwarts had come to life!!

The films started firing out, more books were coming my way, (pre-ordered every time of course) I was rolling in HP goodness. As the 7th, the final years release date was pushed out, I decided i needed to remind myself of the previous years endeavours. I could opted to just simply rematch the films for half of them, then continue on my refresher with the books, but i felt this was cheating, so i started back in privet drive. Once i was ready for book 7, i accomplished a chapter or 2 then simply gave up.

My excitement had dwindled away, i lost track of what films i had seen, therefore have definitely never got around to watching film 6&7, however this is also because of my read before i watch rule, and i couldn’t remember what happened in book 6 clearly enough.

During my 2nd year at uni i decided i was ready for it, time to head back to Hogwarts, of course from the beginning again! Of course my free time at uni to read was limited due to all my studying so it took 2 years to reach halfway through book 4, then a further year to finish!! Somehow i managed to make it all these years without ever knowing what how the book finished, which made the last book more enjoyable/sad. I couldn’t bare reading about Dobby!!! And Snape bad/good/bad/good guy, my head was bounced out after that storyline.

I did thoroughly enjoy the stories of Harry Potter and I love this wizarding world that J K Rowling has given us.


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