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Steam buns. 

Recently my friend has been non stop talking about bao, something i have NEVER heard of before.

Intrigued by the sound of a steam bun, it has been a food i have been desperate to try, unfortunately the two occasions we tried to find them so could introduce me failed! The first time, the pace was shiy down, the second time she managed to but some, but my vegetarianism got in the way.  They were sold out, with only meat options available!!

Having seen her eat them i was even more enticed to try, they looked like small balls of pale dough, not at all what i exoected!

This week the day arrived by chance! Wanting something filling and affordable for lunch i found myself in  st nicks a mecca for world foods at affordable prices.  This week i fancied some good old fashioned noodles, so in went to chilli daddy a stall of Szechuan street food!

I was set to buy my vegetarian spicy noodles when i came across the option to make it a meal deal with a steam bun!

When it was plated up i was more than impressed with the portion size for £4.50!!!!

What did i make of the bao, it was as i thought it looked doughy, don’t get me wrong it’s not like eating raw dough, but it wasn’t  crumby like regulary bread. I would say the filling was a new taste experience. I am so glad my friend was relentless in talking about steam buns, otherwise i would still be none the wiser and missing out on this unique food experience.  I would definetly go back and buy again especially as it satisfied my taste buds and filled me up.!


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