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A few weeks ago i woke up and before leaving the bed to make my morning cup of coffee i did my standard scroll through Instagram. Admiring peoples lives and the things that they have been up to, whilst deciding if i should upload one of the many photos I have stored to my gallery.

During my scroll i noticed a post from Loot vintage sharing their new venture, a coffee shop in Clifton. In their post was a picture of the coffee shop, captioning information, including a 10% promotion and their niche, Nitro Coffee. It stated that this coffee is cold and clean tasting, “Cascading like Guinness, it has a silky feel when you drink it.” 

Nitro coffee is a new concept of which until seeing this post i had never heard of before, so naturally I went straight to google to find out more. The difference between this cold coffee compared to the notorious iced coffee/latte is this one comes from a tap!! That’s right coffee poured like beer, CRAZY!!!!! It’s infused with nitro that gives it a complete new twist. Naturally this gave me my plan for the day, being a coffee lover and knowing my housemate is a huge coffee enthusiast, I grabbed her to join me on my journey and off we went to Clifton to hunt down Wainwrights coffee shop.

After walking up the steeeeeeep hill to clifton village in the summer heat it was victorious to finally see the shop front that had lead me here from my morning instagramming. We went in, and it’s a comfortable but trendy coffee shop with oversize mason dispensers of water on each table, so of course we had our free water whilst we waited for this coffee.

It didn’t quite feel right seeing the coffee come out of a tap where you would expect beer, but i was excited to try something new. We also managed to get a small free tub if chocolate raisins which was always going to be a winner.

As it was a good day we had our coffee take-away and strolled around to sit by the bridge and enjoy this new taste.

How would i describe nitro coffee, initially the first word me and friend used was “weird”, there was something that just seemed wrong about it. The initial taste, i just couldn’t put my finger on what it reminded me of, all i could think of was hot Vimto, cooled down. I say this as when it’s hot there is definitely a different taste to when it’s cold. It was definitely creamy, and there was a slight cocoa after taste. It was a blend of bitter and sweet, but there was one thing for sure. There was a definite caffeine kick to it. No sooner was i coming to the end of this coffee experience, was me and my friend perking up and getting slightly hyped.

At £4 a cup i’m not sure I would make it a regular beverage of choice, especially as the taste is slightly peculiar for my taste buds, but if I was waring thin on energy and had things to crack with, a trip for tapped coffee would not be out of the question.

Rating: 3/5



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