bb tries

Operation Motivation.

So it has been a couple of years now since i decided i was going to start a blog and what have i produced, a few posts here and there with absolutely no correlation and definite rushed jobs. Incorrect spellings/words commas all over the place and not much real content to entice. It’s lacking in pictures, and consistency but there’s one constant  and that’s the promise to myself that “this time I am going to write every day/week”. Still waiting on that promise to become reality.

Well here I am now, currently looking for a job that will compliment my degree, something that does not involve having to be insulted and made to feel the size of an ant by rough drunk people who have zero etiquette. To pursue this change in career, I need to prove that i can write, that i can gain an online presence and I also need to show to myself that writing is what i want to do, so it’s well and truly time to stop putting off the blog and get to it.

Since i created my blog I have realised I need to pick an avenue that i wish to go down, something that keeps me interested and also will hopefully interest others, in order to do that i need to stop just writing whimsical little essays about anything on any random occasion during the year. Now I need to gain a scope, my little niche.

My old hobbies from childhood are slowly being reimbursed in my life, (i finished uni last year and recently moved from a tiny flat out of town to a nice house very near, meaning i have more free time and space to do stuff) I have a cupboard now containing recipe books and gingerbread cutters. Yes I’m one of those, I love to spend my free time in kitchen cooking sweet treats and veggie dinners.

In reestablishing my love of the kitchen I have found myself cooking new recipes, by accident, but the kind that are gluten free, sugar free, everything free. These bakes don’t always come out successfully the first time around, and it’s this that made think, perhaps i could write about my trials. BB tries.

Any new bake/meal i try make be it one of the fandangled “healthy living” treats, or simply a Mary Berry delight, I will document it. Even the ones that go oh so very wrong!!

Along with my trials, another favourite thing to do in my spare time, that i’ve noticed regularly occurs each month is going out for Sunday roast. I have already done quite the tour of Bristol and feel i am knowledgeable enough now to know what other places sell and prices, that I should start sharing my experiences with others. I have never been one to take a picture of my meal when it lands in front of me, no matter how tasty it is, but now is the time.

I still need to get my bearings on this blogging, and figure when i will post out, but that is what to expect form BBs Words. The tries and the roasts.



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