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Usually when tucking myself up into bed at night I’ll have a cup of squash and a hot drink of some kind,  last night was a glass of cold water and a mug of hot water cosy
This morning I woke up feeling rather lethargic,  so grabbed myself an ice cold pint of water and one of bread rolls I bought yesterday of which I toasted and added some jam.  Sounds normal,  however they aren’t the biggest rolls I’ve seen.


Nonetheless after another one for lunch my stomach felt as satisfied as it was going to.
After a morning at uni I took a trip to aldi, to face the challenge of finding my dinner.  Pound in hand I thought it would be a quick pop in and out,  but I found deciding what to pick up extremely hard,  especially when comparing things by pennies. I ended up with spaghetti-23p passarta – 35p and kidney beans – 23p totalling 81p.
After purchasing my food I dropped my food off home, and felt so weary and tired i found myself downing two pints of water and eating a spoon of jam! Yes as if i hadn’t had enough cheap jam on my bread rolls, i felt the need for more!  After enjoying my jamy snack i went to meet my sister where we had a good catch up despite me being a bit spacey, and rather hungry!
When I left her I decided to pop to tesco to see if there was any offers,  and to my delight I found a loaf of bread for 10 p and some carrot and houmous dip to have for lunch tomorrow for 10p. As I still had 2p left over from yesterday I was able to spend £1.01 leaving me an extra 1p for another day!


My dinner turned out much better than last night’s,  although there wasn’t much in the way of flavour,  it certainly helped battle off some of the hunger.


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