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So I got my £5 ready decided into coins,  for the £1 a day spend on my food and drink for each day. 
I have just achieved my first shop after first looking at a few convenience stores and seeing the only options were such as noodles or tinned beans/spaghetti of which o decided I wanted something a bit more filling. So off I went to asda  pound in hand.
I instantly went to the reduced section of course where there wasn’t much on offer either because I was too late or too early,  but I still found some gems.  I managed to find some spiced parsnip soup mix for 23p, which counts towards 1 of my 5 a day and seemed far more appetising than instant noodles. To accompany this I found some wholemeal granery bread rolls for 27p. As the was 6 I decided to find some jam so I can use them for breakfast/lunch. I picked up a value jar for 28p. As I still had some change left and I have quite the sweet tooth I couldn’t of been happier to find a pack of 4 chocolate mouses for 19p! Leaving me an extra 3p to spend tomorrow,   excellent!


Getting home and cooking however made me think instant noodles would have been far easier and better.  As the instructions stated to cook the veg mix in the oven for 20 mins I put them in and got distracted,  to then find half the mix had burnt. I still whizzed it up,  and it looked revolting. 


Not even a little bit pleasing to the eye or tempting.  Whilst eating out I found myself chewing, but thankfully the bread saved it,  and made it slightly more appetising.  The taste,  I could sense a mild spice, but mainly the taste of burnt blended in hot water. At least I have my chocolate mouse to give some flavour. 


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