Live Below The Line · Uncategorized

5 o’clock not a penny spent.

Day 1

So far today I’ve relied on water to keep me going. I don’t think the tap has ever witnessed this much action in one day, and it’s got another 4 days of being loved to go. To stop my mind wandering and thinking about the food i can not eat, because it’s not in my budget I’ve kept myself focused on uni work that needs to be done, so it’s not such a bad thing. I’m trying to withhold from going to the shop to by food for as long as i can, in the hopes of being able to find something satisfying in the reduced section to have for my dinner that will keep me happy until tomorrow. 

Although it’s only day one i can already feel hunger kicking in, the fact that i’ve had minimal sleep over the past few days is not helping, all i want is a nice strong coffee to wake me up!! 


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