This week saw the shoppers of Bristol become VIBs at Cabot for an evening of music shopping and plenty of free stuff. Before going i had my preservations that it was going to be absolutely packed with people, with queues in all the shops, barely any room to walk around, yet alone walk around with an arm of discounted shopping, but to my surprise this was not the case. Although i personally felt happy about this, as there’s nothing i dislike more than shopping in an environment that’s full of people running to nab the bargains and then having to queue and listen to people moan, however it was a shame as there wasn’t quite the atmosphere that one was hoping for. It felt quite like an ordinary shopping experience, but with people pushing freebies at you left right and center. I also thought it was a shame as one of the the marques had entertainment and giveaways, but because it was outside and of course the weather was a complete wash out people weren’t willing to leave the sheltered shopping area.

Some stores gave away goodie bags to the first few people that entered their store, others had discounts on everything and some had competitions. The restaurants were also involved, with the likes of Fraknie and Bennys giving away mocktails and money off voucher, the famous Nandos spin wheel, and tampopos offering a massive 50% off food and cocktails, which i must say was delicious and the perfect excuse for an alcoholic desert.

There was also the opportunity to feel like true VIBs, by getting beauty treatments, then having your photo taken with Kate and Wills, well lookalikes, but they were very good look a likes.

After collecting my freebies and making a few more purchases than planned i decided that i needed a new charm for my Pandora, so i popped in the store got the charm I’ve been thinking about getting for ages and with got a couple of freebies, along with entering a competition. Then off i went for my cheap dinner, without even giving the competition another thought, as all i had done was follow them on twitter and i’m not much of a winner.

To my surprise i received a phone call from the Pandora store, initially i thought it was something to do with my bracelet or just a courtesy call, but instead it was to inform me i had won the bangle and the charm.

Yes VIB night was a success. Thankyou Cabot and thankyou pandora.


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