5 days £5

Today i have found myself signing up to the Live Below the Line Challenge for Actionaid, whereby i have £1 a day to spend on food and drink. Although i think this is going to be a tough 5 days, especially if i have nice food in my cupboard, and i have to watch my housemates eat and drink in front of me, it’s only 5 days, the grander picture of what this challenge represents is a lifetime of £1 a day if not less. This is the case for one 1 in 8 people, yet there is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone.

I have done some research into how other people have carried out the challenge, and i’ve noticed alot of people have spent there £5 on the first day and bought food for the week, including plenty of pasta and pasta sauces, to make things more interesting for me i have decided that i am going to just have my £1 each day, and see what exactly i can buy with it. To do this i’m going to have to be tactful and head to the shops when the reduced stuff is hitting the shelves in the hopes i can find something exciting to eat.

I shall make sure i keep my blog up to date during the 5 days, so please get donating and click livebelowtheline.


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