Did someone say free pizza.

If the word free is involved, there’s always a part of you that’s a bit skeptical. What’s the small print, what am i signing up for?

When i heard the Stable Restaurant was offering free pizza to everyone who went for one night only, i thought there’s going to be some kind of catch where you have to spend a certain amount on drinks, or the pizza is going to be sample size. Nonetheless me and my friends couldn’t resist going to find out, who can say no to a free pizza after all. We arrived 20 minutes before the opening of the restaurant and was greeted to a rather large queue, so this was going to be the catch. Being British and used to queuing it didn’t faze us, we joined the line and talked about pizza.

When the first lot of people got to go in, all we could do was glare through the windows as the pizzas arrived at the tables. Mouths open, and bellies rumbling our turn couldn’t come soon enough. An hour later and it was our turn, in we went, no sooner had we sat down, then we were off to the bar to order our pizza.

When it came our eyes were like headlights, the pizzas were massive, one each and covered in toppings. The fact the pizzas are fresh made them even more enjoyable.

The Stable is a cute restaurant,  specializing in pizza pie and cider what more could you ask for. They have the stack whereby you try 5 different ciders that come in 1/3 pints, and the food is cooked to order, what’s not to love.  The decor feels cosy despite it being long wooden tables and stools and the staff are all friendly. The first Stable restaurant was in Bridport, but you can now find one in Bath, Bristol and Poole. There is also one due to open soon in Newquay on Fistral beach, perfect location for a cider restaurant.

The reason for this free pizza, the company reached 1,000 likes on Facebook. So thanks to The Stable for my delicious free pizza and thankyou facebookers for liking their page, now come on people who haven’t get liking i want more dough!!


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