Pirans, pint and a pasty.

The 5th of March is a day like any other,  unless your Cornish, where by it’s the prefect excuse to grab a pint and celebrate st pirans. It’s one of the rate occasions where all of a sudden everyone knows cornish, well a phrase anyway.  I’m one of the guilty party who posts the phrase gool perran lowen on this occasion every year, before heading off for a pint of rattler or what ever other cornish pint I can find, to then absorb the alcohol with a ansome pasty, crimped the side and not from greggs, of course! 
This year was no different, well the pasty never happened but the drinking certainly did! I decided i should probably find out the reason why I drink on this day,  and it’s rather obviously because of a man,  well st piran. He floated across from Ireland,  landed in Perranporth,  built a Chapel,  probably with some help and found some tin.  This finding is represented in the flag of st piran/flag of Cornwall (kernow) by the white Cross flowing through the black coal.  And there it is, that is why the 5th of March is all about the 3 ps, piran, pint pasty.


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