Flipping yum.

It’s that time of year,  whereby we indulge in those flat pieces of egg milk and flour,  covered in sweet goodness.  Sugar,  lemon, syrup,  chocolate spread,  peanut butter,  jam the list of possibilities goes on. Purchasing the key ingredients,  to create the these annual treats is somewhat difficult if you leave it to the last minute as I found out.  Even the large supermarkets suffer bare shelves,  so this year I found myself purchasing a packet mix that requires milk,  a shake and a toss.  Nonetheless they still went down perfectly. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to overindulgence, eating six,  all filled with different flavours, for my tea.  Yes, I said it,  pancake day is the one day of the year it is totally acceptable to eat sweet at a time it should be savoury. 
Tomorrow it all changes,  as we give up a loved treat for 40 days and 40 nights.  Gone is the tradition of fasting,  these days people give up things such as chocolate to lose those few pounds for summer,  alcohol,  because they want to gain back some respect,  social networking because they need to experience the real world,  ect.
For me I’ve decided to give up buying pre done sandwiches,  they’re over priced, I have no money and half the time I’m not even that hungry I just buy them because I can. 


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