Day 11: Living off of such a slim budget of £20 is making me very much aware of where my money vanishes too. Despite knowing i have limited funds each week and things that need to be purchased, I’ve still managed two afternoons in the pub, enjoying local ales, and ciders, whilst discussing my minimalist finances. 

Luckily I’ve not had to purchase any food this week, apart from some milk, carrots and some veggie sausages i got on offer in store for next week. I’ve managed to go out for a coffee thanks to a fully stamped loyalty card, done some shopping in Topshop after organising my purse and finding vouchers and manged a night out for 50p.

As long as i don’t over spend each week, there’s nothing wrong with spending my money on an afternoon in the pub, however if i’m more sensible about it and keep to one, then any money left over each week can be popped in my owl money box, ready for a “hoot” of a summer!! This week could of seen at least £7 being reserved, ouch! 

As my by Wednesday i’d seen nearly all of my £20 being placed into shop pockets and i knew i needed a night out, i realised it was time to be sneaky. Yes i know it’s disgraceful, but sometimes it just needs to be done, a hip flask of vodka,and orders of soda lime is what the purse strings just request of you sometimes.. 

To keep my going food wise, i’ve been failry lucky. My friend stayed last weekend and left behind a pizza, cut in half that served two dinners, my sister invited me to hers for dinner and i had sweet potatoes in the cupboard, blended with the carrots, voila carrot soup, 3 dinners!! 

This coming week i feel is going to be harder, as i have already managed to see off £8.00 on tobacco and milk, plus i need to by a sketch book for uni. Shall see next Sunday if i managed on my £12 i have left. eeek. 


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