Superbowl Sunday

Day 8:For some unknown reason every year i find myself fighting tired eyes and sat in front of the box watching the Superbowl. It doesn’t matter what time i have to be awake the following morning, i feel the need to watch it. Not because i support the teams playing, because i have a passion for American football, nor because i follow American football, the primary and perhaps only reason i make sure to watch it, is so i’m involved. I can go on to twitter and know what everyone else is talking about, because literally about 97% of the people i follow have mentioned the super bowl at least once. I don’t even believe half the people i know who watch it have in interest in it, understand the rules, it’s more an excuse to stay up, have people over, stay up eating pizza and drinking beer. A majority of the people in the UK that make a big deal about the Superbowl and treat it like they have a passion for the sport, spend 364 days of the year without even mentioning the term American Football. I find it bizarre that the Superbowl has become an integral part of the year for many, it has it’s day where everyone’s interested, regardless of if they understand the scoring system or the rules in general.

Although people make comments about how people don’t care about American Football any other time of the year, i think it does have a good place with regards to the media culture we are today. Through the hashtags and the streams it makes for a large community coming together for one night, and i don’t see anything wrong with that.

Happy SuperBowl Sunday…. Go Seattle!!


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