Reality “Cheque”

Day 9: Recently I’ve certainly been enjoying myself with regards to going out and spending money as if i have a bottomless stash of notes hidden under my mattress, when in reality i’m in the negatives and definitely not able to afford the lifestyle I’ve been living. I’m a standard student who has blown all my money on alcohol despite having originally set myself a budgeted plan to get me out of my overdraft, of which I’ve sat in for a good 12 months, bar the first few days when the new loan comes in!! My plan should have brought me out of my financial cave, ready for a bright spendy summer, and that was without including wages earned.

Yet today i plucked up the courage to check my account and found figures that not even my eyes could agree with. Paying on card is definitely the devil!! Most times i go out, i have a sensible head on and think, “i will not take any more money out of my account tonight, i have £20 that will be enough”, to find myself a few ours later standing at the bar tapping in my pin number, followed by sinking excessive amounts of shots, pints and spirits.

I have big dreams of a summer dancing around at festivals, in the sunshine, but the rate I’ve been slashing the figures in my bank, I’m not even going to be able to afford an ice-lolly. So the challenge is on.

For the next 2 weeks i have an allowance of £20 a week. That’s to buy food, cigarettes (because unfortunately I am a dirty smoker) and at least an afternoon in the pub. Thankfully i have a cupboard filled with plenty of teas, porridge and crunchy nut. Safe to say i’m going to take this budget thing “cerealsly”


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