110 days early

Day 6: From the 1st of January, i couldn’t help but notice by the tills of the supermarkets creme eggs!! The tradition of the 12 days of Christmas wasn’t even over and we’re already being pushed into Easter 110 days ahead of the religious holiday.

Chocolate companies are certainly making the most of what is supposed to be a religious celebration, of which like most has been commercialised. I’m not going to deny, i do love having my Easter egg and purchasing creme eggs in the run up to Easter, however i think January is not only too soon, it also takes away the novelty of this time of year.

No matter what, companies are going to be making their money as we buy into the ideas they push, such as Coca-cola with Santa, Hallmark with Valentines and of course the Easter Bunny with his chocolatey eggs. Do we really need however to be sold products relating to these times of year so early? Most people have spent the past 2 months indulging in tubs of chocolates, selection boxes and various other “festive” chocolate treats, of which have come from the various chocolate companies that are now trying to make us buy their Easter delicacies. Can’t you give us a chance to finish off the remenents that we have left from one holiday and wait until a more appropriate time to start feeding as more delites.

I don’t know whether they’re trying to make us prepared, although i think for even the most organised person 4 months in advance is planning too far ahead. In two weeks i wouldn’t be suprised to start seeing Halloween items everywhere the rate these companies are going!!

I for one shall not be purchasing anything related to Easter until at lest the start of lent, and until then those tempting ovals shall be blocked from my view!


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