January Blues

Day 5: Well i knew i was going to fall behind with this at some point, seems it took 4 days for me to then abandon ship for 2 weeks!!

The past few weeks have been spent consuming excess amounts of alcohol whilst friends return ready to go back to uni on Monday. Not only that, but there was also the celebration of handing in a piece of coursework that was indeed left to the last minute by all and therefore a week was spent stressing over research, references and materialising two essays!!

Since the work was has been handed in however, i have found myself at a loss and wanting for uni to start a.s.a.p!! The feeling of not having a purpose is horrible, I’ve spent the days in bed either nursing a hangover, anticipating the night ahead or just thinking what is the point in getting out of bed today. The standard student, i have no money to spend to do activities in the day or just go shopping, yet i always find the brass to get me in front of the bar at night drinking copious amounts of tequila. The weather doesn’t help shift my spirits, all i can do is lie in wait of the summer where money doesn’t matter, it’s all about sitting on the beach or in a park with friends having a laugh, or just reading a trashy magazine whilst gaining that summer glow!

Today is the day i woke up and decided enough is enough. Christmas has finished and summers not ready yet, get over it! The solution to battle away these dreaded January blues, a good clean! It’s time to bin all the little tit bits i’ve been clutching onto incase they come in handy, they haven’t yet so why would they ever. The clutter needs to disappear as you know what they say, “a tidy room equals a tidy mind” and in some regard i believe that to be true. Waking up and the first vision being that pile of rubbish in the corner, the clothes sprawled everywhere is not going to entice anyone out of bed. A room that says, i’m fresh however, is the key to push those thoughts of how cosy the bed is, and get one rocking and rolling. Next up is the crucial choice of music, the grey skies can be rather depressing, so the only way to shoot them down is get some good cheery music on the go. I sometimes like to opt for the classic sunshine songs such as, anything Stevie Wonder a hint of Bill Withers-Lovely Day, and generally anything i feel i can have a good breakfast boogey too and that makes me feel vibrant and summery!!

Once the hard task is over it’s finding the motivation to keep going, finding something to do and guess what there’s plenty to do, a good rain walk can sometimes be far more fun than anything else, (especially if it’s too a pub) wellies on brolly out, what’s a puddle gonna do now…….be the weapon of choice for splashing everyone!! I personally also love a good museum trip, it’s free, inside and warm, and there’s plenty too took at, for those easily amused such as myself and not interested in some of the work then there’s always the interactive parts that perhaps aimed at children but who cares!! I am a bit of a lover of thee old gambling machines, but being as money is a bit of a problem right now it’s time to hit the amusement arcades full of 2p and 10p machines, like i said easily amused. hours of fun. As i don’t like to waste the sunny days sitting indoors, i think now is the perfect time to start going through that DVD collection of un-watched films that’s been building over numerous Birthdays and Christmases. It seems i’m already gaining quite a list of things i could be accomplishing rather than wasting those days in bed, let alone the list of things I’ve been hoping to achieve for years such as re-teaching myself to knit, learning a new language and perhaps one of the hardest challenges I’ve set myself to cook the perfect macaroons!!!

Yes there’s no reason to let the moody weather bring us down, here’s to January Jazz!!!


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