procrastination nation

Day 4:

Whenever i have things to do be it cleaning, doing uni work, or just getting up and getting dressed, i always find myself putting it off, but it’s ok because i’m writing a list of things that i need to.

There’s the list of things that need to be done, then there’s the list of things i hope to accomplish on certain days, followed by a more detailed list of the different tasks i need to carry and last but not least then comes the timetabled list of things i’m going to do over the next few days and the time allocation slots.

Yes it’s safe to say i’m good at writing lists however, that’s as far as it goes, once i have my lists, they’re colour coded and neatly placed in visible spaces there forgotten about. I soon find something else to entertain my time, be it watching something on youtube, reading an article or rummaging through my things and reminising to myself of past times. It doesn’t matter cause i’m only a few hours behind my schedule, it’s ok there’s always tomorrow… and so the excuses in my head continue, til before you know it it’s deadline day and there is no tomorrow.

After talking to friends it seems i’m not alone at mastering lists and not sticking to them, it seems there’s always something to distract us from what we’re actually meant to be doing, the phone rings better answer it, my favourite songs just come on the radio better turn it up and just listen to this one song, now i’ve heard my favourite song on the radio i better go on twitter and tell everyone what’s just happened, It’s an ongoing cycle, made worse by mobile phones and the internet, although are they to blame?

If i didn’t have my phone or signed off the internet for a day, i’d still find my self sat in my room starring at the walls, or looking outside and thinking i don’t want to waste a such a lovely day indoors, i don’t know when it’s going to be weather like this again. Having said this without my phone or the internet, there would come a time i would get bored and sit down and face what i need to do. With phones it keeps my connected to my friends along with the internet, I’m guilty of always wanting to be up to date on what people have posted, why?? I don’t know i guess i, i like many am just nosey or just like seeing that other people are at least doing somehting with their day while i watch it pass by around me.

We’re all guilty of it, the nation that excels itself at queuing seems to also be extremely good at putting things off until tomorrow. Although not everyone falls under this bracket there are some extremely organised people out there that simply just don’t have the time to procrastinate and i look at them with admiration and idolisation. For the rest of us it seems any distraction is a good distraction at the time, even if it’s twiddling thumbs.

When i think about what I’ve achieved today since setting up my laptop to tackle my uni work at 9 am, I’ve managed to do one clothes wash research two ad campaigns and have dinner. This is accompanied with playing in the makeup box and trying out a “new look”, looking at old fashions from the 90’s for fun, along with blasting out the old disco classics and having a boogey. However fun some of this has been it hasn’t got me any further to completing what i had planned on my list!!!!

If i could understand the secret behind a day without procrastinating i would love to know it, as it seems to be a default setting that i just can’t seem to switch off.


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