Help me restart my career!!

Day 3

Yes. it’s that time of year where we get to witness people try to either restart or boost their careers. The one hit wonders, reality stars and potty mouths all collide under one roof while we watch waiting to see what controversy is going to follow. It’s “Celebrity” big brother, and yes i am one of those people guilty of indulging in the show that has perhaps run its course, but keeps coming back!! 

The housemates are always picked so that personalities collide, and we can witness the arguments, tears and the bitchiness, ready to pick up our phones and keep the nastiest people in, because we like to be entertained. For some of the “celebrities” the show can do their careers a good kick in the right direction, gaining them new fan bases and new outlets to annoy us. For others, you can see their careers crumble right before you’re eyes, as you watch their mouths run away with them and offend large proportions of the population. 

I can’t wait to see who’s going to fall victim of the show and who’s going to come out on top this year. Have no idea why, as these people mean nothing to me, but i for one find it highly amusing. 


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