Day 2:

All i’ve done today is sit and eat shortbread and chocolate! I’ve lived today as most people would the 1st of Jan, i haven’t moved but to get a drink, or change film.

Whilst being glutenous the obvious guilt and shame fell over me, but as i sat tucking in slice slice of my Terry’s Chocolate Orange i began to take the guilt out of the mass over indulgence. At first thought i decided to think of it as what it’s supposed to replicate and that’s an orange, a fruit, full of vitamin C and pectin, low in fat sugar and just plain good for you. Obviously that mirage so faded when i started getting that sickly feeling that comes over after to many bites of the good stuff. Then like a light, it clicked on in my brain, chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. The cocoa-bean stems from a plant, which therefore clearly classifies it as a fruit. So that’s it decision made i can now classify chocolate as one of my 5 a day, excellent!!


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