Hello 2014

DAY 1:

It’s that all important first day of a new year, where all of a sudden life is supposed to be so much better than the day before as it’s a whole new year. Self improvements are instant, and the list of promises made to better ourselves is made as we wave goodbye to 2013.

For most the first day doesn’t quite run as smoothly as it should do, so usually gets palmed off as a no-mans land day. The real change can start on the 2nd, the 1st is about feet up, clinging on to the last ounce of Christmas. The last of the films on the telly, the selection box gets polished off and there’s plenty of cringing from the previous nights antics.

For me i finished 2013 and saw 2014 in at work!! It was a joyus affair watching everyone get drunk, start the new years snogging then stumble on their merry way in pairs, can only assume their walking each other home after having their first date in the kebab house.  Once my shift was over it was time to catch up with all the other revelers, so i drank cider, gin, amerettos and of course cocktails, before stumbling home at 4 pm, i deem it a success!!

Start the year as you mean to go on, my years set to be a drunk one, with not much time for sleep!!!

It’s time to set my list of 10 to achieve through the coming year.

  1. Shave my legs. 
  2. Update my blog everyday or at least every week . (will fail by day 2!)
  3. Loose weight (the standard)
  4. Keep up to date with  uni 
  5. Keep to budget
  6. volunteer
  7. Learn a new language. (basic phrases at least)
  8. Complete Harry Potter books, films, game!
  9. Visit at least 3 new cities in Britain and at least 1 new country
  10. Become organised



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