364 days.

No sooner have the presents been unwrapped, the crackers pulled and the dinner digested, before people are thinking about next year. Sale season has started and people can’t wait to snatch up their bargains before everyone else, get them wrapped up and ready a whole 364 days premature.

It’s not just about queuing up at the crack of dawn on boxing day to charge at the sales clerk with a pile of crap, that’s only a decent purchase because of that 60% off sales tag. No. These days, it starts online, with some sales beginning on Christmas Day. Seriously, what happened to spending the day eating, drinking, napping and playing a good old game of charades. There should be no time to sit at the desktop and start spending, there’s 364 days in the year to do that. Christmas should be reserved, it’s not going to be long before the shops are opening at 1 – 4 on Christmas Day, then all these spenders will be pissed off!

The best part is half of the items purchased are to be gifted the next year. If you’re doing that you’re clearly confident that the receiver is going to like their gift. I sometimes question if buying boxing day sale items for gifts is not that dissimilar to re-gifting. At the end of the day the product has been bought with no thought about the person receiving it, the only thought is if the darwins being saved. £££££££££.


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